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JUDY is the brainchild of writer/director/editor J.M. Prater that fills in the backstory of two characters from a classic film.

ABOUT "JUDY" -  A distinct original story that acts as a post-script for two characters from a revered classic film, JUDY is an homage to films of the 50s; both the kitsch aspects (women sleeping and waking up in full make-up, the hightened prose speech, the sheltered attitudes), and the strong influence of adult women presented in the films of that period.  JUDY aims at a synthesis of that world where women were given only one proper road to "success", a road that wasn't always available.  Influenced strongly by the lyrical visuals of Asian film artists, and his study of Geisha culture, Writer/Director J.M. Prater catches parallels between those rarified creatures and the closed world of women in the 1950s United States, where a husband and consumerism were the commodities of the day.   Multi-talented Mr. Prater, also Director of Photography and Set Designer, and Costumer Athena Gibson-Degare have worked together to create a look and atmosphere that is rigorously in tune with the original, legitimately vintage, but also incorporating an artisticly literate, dream-like quality of Judy's life and mind.  Ultimately, J.M. Prater says that this story is about confinement.  Having been raised in an environment where compliance and confinement was a cultural part of his youth, he hopes to ellucidate JUDY's enclosed world as both a restrictive prison and a chosen escape.  In a white world where McCarthyism made people afraid to veer off their regular track, JUDY is offered a limited set of choices.  Wouldn't you look for a different way out?

This is a production of J.M. Prater
in association with Doggerel Productions.


J.M. PRATER - writer/director/editor/producer
Mr. Prater graduated from film school in Chicago. He has a fine arts background, and brings this vision to his work. He recently did Assistant Directing and Editing on the feature film "Amy Semple McPherson" by writer/director/actor Richard Rossi. Mr. Prater recently completed editing on a pilot for Comedy Central Network.

Officially established in 2004, this group has previously produced stage, nightclub and gallery shows, as well as Publicity for many years. We're delighted to be working with an artist of Mr. Prater's vision, and such an experienced, talented cast.

Barbara Kerr Condon as Momma and Rex Kerr as Bill


Our flashback scenes set in Salina, Kansas were filmed at the home of Tom Schiff. Tom is an attorney and an NPR legal commentator. The living room of his home was originally a cabin retreat, and its wooden walls had a fantastic rustic atmosphere to represent the small town house. Thank you so much for allowing us to shoot in your home, Tom!

RICHARD ROSSI as the Svengali-like GAVIN


Music Composed
and Performed by: David Thiele
Costumes & Wig Styling:
Athena Gibson-Degare

Miss Russell's Hair Color: Jessica Leggewie

Make-Up: Carlton Coleman

Script Analysis: John Banach

Original Portrait: J.M. Prater

Special Thanks:
Tom Schiff
Andrew and Heather Ettinger

"JUDY" is currently in post-production. Anyone wishing to help finance the production can contact the producers by clicking this link:

email The Producers

This is the official website of the feature film,"JUDY."